The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives Essay

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The Effect of Technology in our Everyday Life Technology can have a positive and negative effect in our everyday life. Technology has so many meanings to it no one knows how to truly define it. It is important, and used for making problem solving more complex. We use it everywhere. Technology can be used to our advantage in our classrooms, businesses, and in our families. Many people complain that technology interrupts with our human interactions because of cyberbullying. Although, this is true while technology advances it will help us in the future.
To illustrate, Technology is a very broad word. No one has a true definition of what Technology truly is. There are so many meanings that people will give it depending on their own understanding. “Technology is a detached word which has many meanings. Different people will give it different meanings depending on their viewpoint.” (Lane, Andy. "What Is Technology?") Technology is used to handle tasks that humans cannot perform by their selves. Technology can be used to fulfill certain task to execute a human need. “Technology is a hands on, can do profession where people have to be skilled in many of the following: engineering, communication, design, developing, innovating, managing, manufacturing, modelling, and systems thinking.” (Lane, Andy. "What Is Technology?")
Even more, technology is an important tool used right now in our world. Technology has been advancing our world as early as 3000 B.C. with the wheel.” The Wheel…

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