The Impact Of Technology On Health Care Essay

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Technology transforms the way health care functions, and it is the major contributor in advancing quality care and reduce errors That might potentially occur when caring for patients. Also, information technology on health care has shown significant progress in digitizing medical/patient records, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations treatments depend on their stored information (databases system). These organizations use database systems to improve and facilitate the medical care. The federal government has expedited the move toward transparency by making decades of stored data usable, searchable, and actionable by the healthcare sector (Groves, Kayyali, Knott, Van Kuiken, 2013). The future of healthcare depends on our ability to use the massive amounts of data. The increased use of data in Healthcare organization should drive the industry to improve the way data should be utilized. Though current technology, such as EMR (Use of EMR) has improved the quality of care delivered by ensuring timely access to patient records, it has not demonstrated error-free medical care. While errors in health care are common, it can become inevitable if we use poorly designed technological system. This paper describes the role of big data to reduce error, increase safety and quality in health care industry.

The need for quality cares improvement introduced by the IOM report in November 1999. The IOM report on…

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