The Impact Of Soda Consumption

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Majority of us require caffeine in order to survive our day full of adventures with work and school. For some people their outlet is coffee, for others it is soda. Personally, I was a soda addict but I had a life changing experience during a time I was so sick, all that I was allowed to drink was water and this completely changed my habits. Once in a while I am still guilty of wanting a glass of soda when I am tired but need to make it through a work day or even slipping a drink while at an event. This is a challenge many people face. Recent changes were made to increase soda taxes which not only has affected the price of soft drinks but it also has contributed to reducing consumption. Soda consumption has been hypothesized as one of the leading factors of obesity in the United States (Fletcher 2010). In …show more content…
This study collected data on soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and fruit flavored beverages like the juices that are not 100%. The comparison analyzed prices changes pre and post-tax in Berkeley. The increase in soda prices were by 0.69 cents per ounce and in juices were 0.47 cents per ounce. On average the price change on SSBs were 0.57 cents per ounce whereas non SSBs were 0.29 cents per ounce. Individual brands were also analyzed to view the price increases. Coke had the highest at 0.83 cents per ounce followed by Sprite at 0.73 cents per ounce and the lowest was Dr. Pepper at 0.56 cents per ounce. To apply this data into costs, this increase meant that a bottle of soda at the price of $1.75 would cost $1.89 after tax. This implementation also varies by retailer where a convenience store would be a bit higher than a supermarket. After 3 months of Berkeley exercising higher tax on SSBs there was much evidence that it reduces the burden of chronic diseases and health

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