The Impact Of Renaissance On The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance
The renaissance was in Italy from 1350 to 1550.The word renaissance means rebirth. Later on the renaissance spread throughout Europe. It was a rebirth of education and art it was a very important part through the 14th through 16th century. The availability of paper and the paper press being invented sped the ideas of the later century. As it being a cultural thing it encompassed in encompassed innovative flowering of Latin and vernacular literatures, the Renaissance contributed the development of the diplomacy being invented, and in science an increased reliance on observation. Marco polo started the renaissance by going to china. AT the time people in Europe did not even know that Italy even existed. Italy was broke down into three different provinces Malone, Florence, which was in southern Italy. Florence was ruled by the Medici family. The renaissance was moved up because of the printing press. It also made trade value increase. IT also started to become secular. More people also started living in urban areas. At that time everyone got a liberal arts education. They wanted everyone to have a well-rounded education. One of the most popular people during the time of renaissance was Leonardo devinci. He was very famous because of his paintings and inventions. One of his most popular paintings was the Mona Lisa. One of his famous inventions was the helicopter. He was a upper classmen back then. The…

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