Religion Vs Religion Essay

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Around the 1600’s, the first European settlers immigrated to east coast of the United States escaping religious persecution. They believed the state and church should be separated yet, they should still be able to work together to protect and support their Puritan beliefs. However, as more immigration occurred over the next decades, conflicts among religious beliefs started to emerge thus creating state boundaries where each religious group could practice in peace without conflict with each other. Nonetheless, morals and laws were developed around religious beliefs. With increasing rate of immigration to the New World, different religions started to spread to west. After the American revolution, the founding fathers did not want conflicts religion …show more content…
I find things such as not voting for a candidate due their religious beliefs outrageous and outdated. While religious beliefs do shape a person, it should be the only measure of whether a candidate is moral and good person. Even if a candidate is not, per se a good person, if they have good political arguments and plans, their religion is the least concern. I also find Americans very hypocritical and cynical towards minority religions such as Islam. When Americans say they want government to be more considerate towards religion, rarely do they include other religions besides their own. This is very similar from Puritan times. Many Americans are not opposed to public schools teaching religion, IF it is Christianity. However, many are outraged if Islam is taught. Some feel as the government is becoming anti-Christian yet they do not speak for people who are anti-Semitic and anti-Muslims. Growing up, I was taught America was not built on religion but as I have taken this course, I’ve come to realize secondary education history books undermine the effects religion truly had in shaping the government thus creating the myth that America is truly free from religious political involvement simply because the separation of church and state in the Constitution. Why does religion matter so much in politics? Because it was built on it. “Most American Founders recognized as a force with the potential to both enhance and undermine political stability” (Wald 70). Even without having an official religion, Christian beliefs has always been prominent in the creation of the United States. The very first laws were created around religion and The Constitution was indirectly written around religion. Religion affects moral beliefs and moral beliefs can affect political

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