The Impact Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife Essay

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The Impact Of Pollution On Marine Wildlife Marine wildlife has been in existence for over million of years. Researchers and Marine Biologists have been trying to show the importance of the studies of how pollution impacts the lives of many marine wildlife and their habitat. It is necessary that we find out what pollution is doing to these poor marine animals and find a way to start making our marine wildlife clean and healthy. The purpose of this literature review is to provide research to the people that do not understand what pollution is doing to these amazing marine animals. The pollution from oil spills, plastic, sewage, and ocean mining negatively impacts marine wildlife and their quality of life. Our oceans are the largest bodies of water on the Earth, and over the last few decades, humans have severely affected the marine life in the Earth’s oceans. One of those human activities that has impacts on marine wildlife are oil spills. Oil pollution has been notice and getting a lot of attention since the middle of the 19th century. With the numbers of tanker operations and the frequent marine tanker collisions, oil spills are coming more in common. Also, with the use of large amount of oil being used, there are more oil spills occurring. Marine Biologist have been studying the impact that these oil spills on marine wildlife. A statement from a website said, "Crude oil lasts for years in the sea and is extremely toxic to marine life, often suffocating marine animals…

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