The Impact Of Oil Prices On Countries Essay

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The oil price fluctuates constantly,and recently it has decreased globally,investors are no longer willing to invest in expensive oil, including the U.S. shale oil, deep sea oil and heavy oil. A low oil price has a significant impact on the world both politically and economically.

The impact on different countries can be diverse.The influence on countries is always divided into two types,the developing countries and developed countries,the importing countries and exporting countries. It seems that the sharply falling oil price leads to the decrease of exporting national revenue.while in importing nations,the advantages may far outweigh disadvantages,such as drivers.(Bowler,2015).The purpose of this article is to compare the different effects on different nations.

The article also presents the factors that affect oil price and the general impact of low oil price in the begin of this article.Then,the impacts on the United States,India,Saudi Arabia,Venezuela and China are introduced in detail in following sectors.The comparison between these countries will be summarized in the ending.

This study will focus on only five nations,and analyse the impact of recent oil prices on them.Since the effects of high oil price have not been included.

2.The effect which affect oil price
There are two main factors which affect oil price.The price is always determined by the supply and the demand.When the demand increases,the price might go up.Conversely,when the supply…

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