Minimum Wages

We work hard for our money but not enough pay.
"Jobs are important and we 're not business oriented enough to allow small businesses to hire more folk. The minimum wages is NOT a living wage. It 's a place to get experience, but the new generation is too lazy to try." by Hanna Brooks Olsen
The argument across the United State is how can a person make a living from minimum wage pay and live an American life has been a huge argument for deck ages that have arisen a lot of eyebrow of fellow American and politician. Minimum wages is something that have been a topic for years where in our time the president Obama have been pushing for minimum wages to increase in the year of 2015. Small business and large business are heated up about the subject
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They are trying to prevent poverty in the low-income family in the Nicaragua community that are working minimum wages in community that have poor poverty in their country. Having minimum wages increase in these community can help the ones that are stressing to take care of their family and increase the community from not being in poverty anymore. Tradeoff in the community can too prevent in minimum wage families and can increase the income of a minimum wages family. March MCP Survey show that minimum wages can reduce poverty and increase income and help families escape from the poor life of poverty.
Gindling, T. H., & Terrell, K. (2004). The effects of multiple minimum wages throughout the labor market. St. Louis: Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. Retrieved from
Effect of multiple minimum wages in the labor market in minimum wage are having an effect on people in the Costa Rica community. The Costa Rica are struggling from minimum wage pay and believe that the increase of minimum wage can increase the community from reaching poverty. Increasing minimum wages in the low-income community will increase the cover sector about 0.6% in the work field of Costa Rica. Doing this will bring down the low-income family working minimum wages in their community and money back to the business

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