The Impact Of Media On Children 's Adolescents And Young Adults

1022 Words Nov 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Oversexualization of men, women, and even children in America has become of great controversy, some might even call it an epidemic. Sex has infiltrated our media and advertising so broadly, and causes mental and/or emotional harm to women and children more so than men. Not only do movies and television shows exploit one of mankind’s most innate needs, but advertisements and video games also utilize this character weakness in our society. The reason that this is such a huge concern is due to the impact it is leaving on today’s children, the influence it has on our society’s adolescents and young adults and the way is has molded today’s youth and adults through mass media.
Sexualization is to be expected in adult films or television shows targeted towards mature audiences, but today, it is featured in children’s and young adult television shows and movies and hardly even raises an eyebrow because we have become so desensitized to it. This is an issue of grave importance, seeing as we are allowing our children to degrade themselves and the actors or cartoon characters on television. The majority of children are exposed to it so constantly at such an early age, many parents don’t even realize the extent of how much it is happening. Something that many organizations have brought up as pertinent is that even some non-human cartoon characters are sexualized and given physiques that are suggestive in a sexual manner (Levin). An example that would come to the minds of…

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