The Impact Of Internet On Healthcare Management Essay

1831 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
Internet applications in healthcare management have made major breakthroughs in the last decade. From e-mailing communications between doctors and their patients to having medicine prescriptions being renewed online. There has been certainly a number of the Internet of things innovated and thus far, the health care industry benefitting from it the most because of the simplicity and easy-to-use websites for health care services. There are a variety of applications that make daily tasks such as creating and putting patient records together, transferring medical records through secured databases to other facilities. Some factors of internet applications are for the improvement of patient care, decreasing costs, uniformity of future use, patient knowledge, increasing use of internet databases are all used in the healthcare industry. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information “e-health is said to be very broad and covers topics such as telemedicine, electronic records, recruitment, going paperless, procurement, healthcare score cards, audits, information systems etc.” (Svensson, 2002). These factors of e-health services play such a huge role in today’s healthcare industry, giving customers of health a sense of independence with their medical information in which a patient will not be able to access after office or normal business hours. Technology in the healthcare industry in the long run does bring many benefits and yet still has its…

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