The Impact Of Internet Banking On Banking Essay

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Internet banking was first proposed in the early 1990s. Since that time it has been developing rapidly together with the increased use of Internet. However, its effect on the use of banking accounts is still an underexplored question.
The majority of studies can be divided into three groups. The first group investigates the necessary conditions for bank customers to start using Internet banking. Based on surveys, Al-Rfou (2013) reveals that customers tend not to use the service even if they have it provided. Complexity of usage, low privacy and bad quality of Internet connection are the suggested reasons for Jordan.
This evidence is confirmed by Ali Bayrakdaro─člu (2012), who adds awareness as an important factor. The results were obtained from questionnaires distributed among different bank users. The author states that evaluation of factors of e-banking usage varies according to demographic characteristics of customers as well.
Koskosas (2008), Liao and Wong (2007) claim the importance of trust and stringent security control for efficient Internet banking. In that way, the level of trust to an institution may be the reason to take e-banking.
The second group of studies measures the aggregate effect of e-banking on the bank performance. According to Drig─â et al. (2009), Internet banking can bring sustainable competitive advantage in terms of market share, but not in making profits. The results are based on the World Retail Banking Report 2009 (for 8 European…

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