Target Psychological Factors

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Psychological Factor
One of the contributing factors related to consumer behavior is psychological factor. Psychological factor can be divided into 4 categories, which are motivation, perception, learning, beliefs and attitudes.
In this situation, Target Corporation focuses on lower income bracket and parents with young children. To satisfy their needs and wants, Target sell their product with low price and trendy designs and displays with higher quality compared to its competitor businesses. It is highly attracting targeted customer, especially women who always focus on price and design. According to Maslow's hierarchy of need, clothing is the first need for every people, which is physiological needs. It can be derived from motivation which
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It consists of many factors, such as physical, environment, social, time, and buyer's mood. For the physical factors, Target open most of its stores in urban areas because the population is higher. To attract more customer, Target focuses on great design of exterior and interior of stores because good stores present a business's physical space in the best possible way to maximize sales. Consumers likely to engage if they enjoy the space and they will easily find what they came for. With great design, it can highly affect customer perception from the …show more content…
To let consumer convenience, Target operates a website,, which is a fairly popular electronic retail store. It able consumer to go to the website and search which location has the product that they are looking for or purchase online. It can extremely shorten the time taken by customer. After that, the items on the website are shipped directly to customers from distribution center of Target or from the vendor. Online retail store is more effective and saves the time of consumer because consumers lead busy lives and their time is becoming more limited every day. So, when they go to shopping, they will not always be 100% focused on shopping. In order to keep up with them in technological era which internet is becoming a basic need, customers can access website anytime and anywhere. It is convenience for customer in consumer decision process, especially information

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