The Impact Of Influence On Social Media

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A Shift of Focus Through Televised Politics and Political Presence on Social Media

Purpose The topic of discussion will be the changes in America’s political realm caused by the changes in technology. Specifically, this paper will examine the effects of television impact of the election process and political processes and how the Internet, specially the emergence of social media, has aided the changes to the political system. It will examine the change of focus in American political campaigns facilitated by television and the Internet, which seems to have gone from political issues that are facing the country to the image and opinion of the president and presidential candidates. The next step will be to examine how these changes have affected
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This theory suggests that technology promotes social change. While people seem to think they shape technology, technology in turn shapes them. This can be applied to the political realm. The age of television produced a new dimension to presidential campaign by brining to the American people the visual representation of their potential presidents. The television also brought about televised presidential debates, which helped the image of the president to take precedence over the issues of the country. However, while this sentiment might have been present as soon as the medium emerged, it did not change politics immediately. This provides evidence of technological determinism because it shows how the medium changed the way people view and get involved in politics. The obsession with the image of president has caused the focus of presidential campaigns to change from issues facing the country to the perceived image of the presidential hopefuls and the president himself. This change can be seen in the evolution of presidential debates, which have gone from serious discussions about issues to a battle of insults and catch phrases. This change, as Postman suggest, is because real discussion has no place on television. The change of the presidential race and position was facilitated by the emergence of social media that allows immediate feedback, which helps candidates mold to what image the public …show more content…
He examines Obama’s use of social media and the effects of such tactics on his campaign. He observes the attention and following Obama was able to gain on social media. In this sense, he seems to be painting a positive picture of social media’s role in the political realm. However, he seems to ignore the similar description of image management and presidential involvement in social media societies. He also furthers Postman’s claim that presidential debates and races have turned into boxing matches rather than discussions. Wheeler expands this illustration to include the addition of celebrities. With this addition, political campaigns take on the feeling of a football game with a team facing another team rather than a one on one boxing match. Celebrities provide support for specific candidates and form a team of public characters behind the president, which can be used by candidates to bring in more followers. However, Wheeler (2012) observes that such endorsements will only be beneficial in democratic society if they are policy based with celebrities furthering education on the issues of their candidate. However, he seems to believe that this is not the current case. He identifies this as something to strive for in order to use the current system for a

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