The Impact Of Government On Social Cultural, Environmental And Economic Situation

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Student Name: Nguyen Cao Tri
Student ID: 300322820
Recently, the impact of government on social-cultural, environmental and economic situation has been increasingly important and, as a result, there has been a heated controversy whether or not citizens should intervene in the government decision. Once solution that we can limit the influence of our House of Representative Members is to introduce a referendum, which is a practice of democracy in which a group of chosen electorates answer the political matter in the form of yes-no questions. Should we utilize referendum as our decision-making tool, we will face another dilemma of whether we should choose a binding or a non-binding referendum. Since these political instruments are very complex in nature, the decision-maker should be subtle when deciding which one should be implemented in which context. In the next section, I will discuss the differences between two types of referendum, the benefits as well as the limitations of each type of referendum and then get to the conclusion of which is the most useful implementation when choosing the New Zealand flag.
According to the Electorate Act 1993 (David, n.d.), the referendum in which the government is legally obligated to follow or which the Parliament has acted upon in is referred as being binding. Non-binding referendum, which is can be known as indicative or advisory referendum, does not have any legal force and just be used as a tool for the government to…

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