The Impact Of Gospel Music On American Culture Essay

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My interviewer was born in 1944 she is 71 years old. She is also my grandmother. While growing up till now there has been a lot of changes that took place across this nation. My grandmother grew up watching her mother and herself faced discrimination, invention of a color television, and now having an African-American president.
While growing up in the country my grandmother didn’t have a lot of new technology, because they couldn’t afford it. In her pre-teen and teen years they did have a radio where they would listen to worship music. Gospel music was a part of African-American culture and the belief of God as our leader. They were not allowed to listen jazz because it was thought of as secular and devil music I her words. My grandmother’s family had a black & white television with only three channels and a refrigerator/icebox. Her family did not go to the store frequently, because they grew their food on their farm. Her mother had six kids, so they could not afford the new technology. The father however did own his on car he a Chevrolet model. After the %0s during 60s and 70s that is when technology really changed her especially having her own colored television. Technology was advancing fast for my grandmother she could hardly keep up. She did not invest in all the new technology that came about but she did get herself a pager, and a Walkman for her kids to enjoy. My grandmother did not grow up putting money in the bank, but putting in a safe spot in her home. They…

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