Essay on The Impact Of Globalization On American Education

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Karissa Mata

Globalization has been the major dimension of change in American education. American education has reflected public concern about the nation 's role in the world.
Back-to-Basics was represented by the conservative ethos in Reagan’s election. It called for an end to liberal policies associated with the 1960s.
New signs of human capital’s importance appeared in the 1980s when economic returns to education began to increase. It was grounded in the postwar period’s changing occupational structure and the rising of educational requirements for many jobs.
A Nation at risk was a statement that noted problems of declining achievement in American schools. It called for substantial reform while focusing on higher standards of performance. It also served to deflect attacks on the Department of Education.
National Commission of Ed Excellence-series of recommendations addressed the popular perception that the educational system was failing to meet the need for a competitive workforce. It assessed the quality of teaching and learning in all educational environments while also comparing American schools with other advanced nations’ schools. The series of recommendations left a striking effect on America.
NCLB was a legislation by Senator Edward Kennedy. He demanded that assessments focus on achievement differences between various groups of students, such as those who were excluded from schools or treated unfairly. The universal assessment in combination with identifying…

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