The Impact Of Fast Paced Business Environment Essay

2261 Words Apr 14th, 2016 10 Pages
Regarding the fast-paced business environment, many companies need to change their business practices such as to adopt the company-wide cross training program or to upgrade the current information system. These changes usually require training or workshops in order to learn do things in the new way. With the change, it is possible that there will be a resistance from the employees or the subordinates, who feel doubtful to the new practice and unable to comprehend the benefits of the change introduced by that the management or the supervisors. Although the supervisors know for the fact that the change will lead to better business results, if the supervisors are not able to manage their non-verbal cues during a conversation to attempt to convincingly communicate the information to the subordinates, the resistance is likely to occur and hinder the change implementation process. The accuracy and the content of the change implementation is important, as well as the way the supervisors nonverbally present the information to the subordinates. Therefore, the supervisors’ most important task is to communicate the implementation plan and its benefits with the persuasive nonverbal cues that will help eliminate the doubts and disagreement from the subordinates in order to successfully implement the change. During a face-to-face conversation after learning that there is a resistance, the supervisors must show nonverbal cues that enhance credibility, confidence, and openness in order to…

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