Emmett Till's Death Video Analysis

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Emmett Till’s death was one of the most fundamental and tragic events in American history. Many believe it even helped jumpstart the civil rights movement. In 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy, was brutally beaten to death after being accused of whistling and flirting with a white woman. Till’s beaten and consequently unrecognizable face flooded media networks. The whole world was able to see the consequences of racial brutality and racism in America. This video informs the public about Till’s tragic death and shows how vital the role of the media is in the fight against racial brutality.
One of the subjects of this video and article is Emmett Till’s death and trial. Fourteen-year-old Till was visiting relatives in Mississippi when the
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The intended audience is minorities because the video tells the story of a tragic African American death that had a huge impact in history. The video showcases the power and effect media can have on racial movements and how things like social media and photography can be used to help current equality movements. The intended audience is also racists or Americans in denial of racial brutality. Many people may not have known about Emmett Till’s death until this video or may not have known all the facts, such as him being only fourteen. Knowing about Till’s death and the nature of it could cause many people to change their views on racial brutality. Even as a minority, I never knew about the death of Emmett Till until I found this video. I found this video while I was scrolling through Facebook, which serves as a medium for many articles and videos about equality movements. This video had a profound effect on me. While I have been aware of the current cases of police and racial brutality, I have never been exposed to something as graphic as Emmett Till’s death. I did not realize something this violent and gruesome could happen in our society, especially to a 14-year-old

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