The Impact Of Demographic Development And The Concept Of Health Coverage

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4. Demographic Development

4.1 Civil Society Organizations

The impact of demographic development and the concept of health coverage rarely coincide. Attributing any changing trends within demographics is crucial in assuring that the execution of any new health care program is successful. With a steady rise in life expectancies, along with a dramatic increase in the number of senior citizens no longer in the workplace and a simultaneous decline in the number of individuals still employed, will profoundly jeopardize the financial viability of social health insurance systems[ ]. Civil society organizations (CSOs) help play a crucial role in representing the views of the low-income groups that would otherwise be dealt an unfair hand or ultimately ignored. At least 400 million people do not have access to one or more essential health services and 6% of people in low- and middle-income countries are pushed further into extreme poverty because of health spending[ ]. CSO’s aim towards pushing for a more evenhanded distribution of both the responsibility for funding the system and the benefits received[ ]. CSOs play an important part in structuring health systems at the national level; increasing communities’ Involvement, creating accountability mechanisms and increasing involvement in the decision making process.

CSOs can play an active role in helping countries improve efficiency in many areas and can help governments take a more strategic and economical approach when providing…

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