The Impact Of Change Management On Business Process Management System

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Major focus of this research is study and then to analyze the impact of change management on Business Process Management System (BPMS) implementation. Business process Management faces several risks of failure just like traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP). Change has to be managed in a proper and appropriate manner. In order to control change management, collaboration and communication are very important factors so that success can be achieved.
As change management or managing any identified change in an appropriate manner is a critical success factor in any organization or in any sector. As a change is a pre-defined conditions or variables that do have an immense effect on the fact that how an organization meets its goals and objectives of the overall project in an effective or successful manner or how it manages its business process model if once the change is being identified. Recognizing a change identify a few key factors that should be in focus by organizations in order to be successful. One can say that basically identifying the change can reveal the number of areas in which one can guess that whether there would be satisfactory or dissatisfactory results. These results ensure a competitive performance for an organization, for any department of organization or for any individual of department (Anderson. 2010).
Now before discussing impact of change management on business process management, let us consider some important facts or factors about business…

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