Essay on The Immigration Debate

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The Immigration Debate America is a country defined by multi-culturism. It is a country that ishonest and hard work is rewarded irrespective of the nationality. Most people outside and within America often quote the “American dream”. Immigration has therefore been the tool through which people from different walks of life enter the country in search of this dream and success. With time, however, the issue of immigration has created many debates with people differing in perspectives when it comes to the implementation of the immigration policy. Critics of the entry of immigrants point at the perceived negative aspects that come with the influx of foreigners. Most of these arguments are, however, flawed and go
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This sense of survival, not only benefits the specific immigrants, but the whole society at large. Extensive economic research shows that the immigrants are risk takers who will not be afraid to try out new ways of doing business in order to achieve success. This therefore translates to many economic advantages to the American economies. America is essentially built on innovation and the ability of people to come up with novel business ideas that are groundbreaking. This king of entrepreneurial spirit is what has led to global innovations that have American roots. Immigrants are a testament of this kind of entrepreneurship, since they are always driven to succeed. Given the difficulties that the immigrants have in securing employment, most of them opt to be creative and establish industries that offer employment, not only to fellow immigrants but also the natives (Giovanni). This is the kind of innovation that America needs to maintain its high levels of productivity. When the immigrants are well educated and trained, they are usually very innovative and productive, given the innate desire to succeed in the new country. The benefits spread to the already existing native companies that benefit from the kind of labor that the immigrants offer. Immigrantscan essentially cover any given area of specialization and this bonds well to the American development agenda. Another argument in support of

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