The Imitation Game By Starring Benedict Cumberbatch And Keira Knightley

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The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, is a World War 2 film, based on a true story of how those of the British Intelligence cracked the codes of the Enigma, an advanced German coding machine. The film was not bashed for its historical accuracy, but some of that ease on the criticism may have been because Alan Turing has finally been given justice after 60 years. The historical inaccuracies were not major, although added up, they play a key role in the interest level of the audience. For example in the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch plays an awkward genius Alan Turing who could not understand a simple invitation to lunch. When in reality, Turing’s character was not as Hollywood or dramatic as portrayed in the film. Instead of embracing Turing for the character he was, the film portrayed a caricature of a tortured genius. Also, the movie adds in a Russian spy that Turing encounters which never occurred in real life. The film also keeps Turing’s sexuality a secret for most of the movie, but as real life revealed, Alan Turing was rather open about his sexuality. All these facts played different roles in attracting the interests of a variety of audiences, as the details that are distorted are minor, but changes the tone of the film nonetheless.
Yet another Oscar nominated film comes the movie Argo, staring Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston, about six Americans who escaped abduction from the embassy in Iran. The movie Argo comes 30 years after the events…

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