Tombstone Movie Analysis

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Tombstone, a western shooting up the charts

Wyatt Earp, a retired officer, is forced to come out of retirement due to cowboys overrunning his town. Tombstone is a western covering Wyatt Earp, everyone involved, and the Arizona town of Tombstone during the 1800s. Tombstone received a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and was named "one of the 5 greatest Westerns ever made" by True West Magazine.

Tombstone is a western during the 1800s when cowboys were running around and when silver and wealth were plentiful in Tombstone, Arizona. The movie starts out by showing a officer being shot during his wedding in Mexico by the cowboys. This shows how vicious the cowboys can be . After that Wyatt Earp and his brothers, Morgan Earp and Virgil Earp , travel to
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I also enjoyed the Oriental scenes,Doc Holliday's personality/Val Kilmer's portrayal of him, the O.K Corral shooting , and chase of the cowboys after his brother died. Some things I disliked about this movie were some of Kurt Russell’s over acting in some scenes like when he was telling Ike Clanton to tell the cowboys he was coming and hell's coming with him. One of the themes that can be found in this movie is revenge comes at a cost. This is seen when Wyatt and Doc kill cowboys at the O.K Corral and feel the guilt from it. The theme is also shown toward the end when the death of his brother drives him crazy for vengeance. Although it is not a theme, I feel like the quote, “ You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.,” fits this movie very …show more content…
Some examples of the historical accuracy of this film are the O.K Corral shooting being an exact replica of the real life version and the costumes are historically accurate. However, it wasn’t 100% historically accurate and the things that were inaccurate were the cowboys revenge was more spread out after the O.K Corral shooting and Johnny Ringo’s death was more of a mystery than depicted in the

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