The Imitation Game By Alan Turing Essays

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The Imitation Game is an outstanding film that takes place during World War II in 1952, which won Oscar for best writing-adapted screenplay. It serves as a tribute to the life of Alan Turing, a great mathematician who worked with fellow mathematicians through the British Intelligence MI6 agency to crack the Enigma Code. That’s not all there is though, this story brings you a profoundly odd man who has many secrets who is supposed to be solving secret code to stop the war. When looking at this movie through the lens of social conflict we can analyze how society is an arena of conflict and change. The theory looks at how how different parts in society generate conflict, change, and looks the individual is affected. So in this case we can look how the main themes: sex&sexuality, deviance, and gender causes conflict in Alan Turing’s life as well as other supporting characters.

In order to work on cracking the code Alan’s sexuality must be hidden deep in the closet. Alan Turing’s homosexuality makes up a big part of who he is. What upsets the LGBT community most is that the main issue of the story has not been brought up enough to be considered an accurate biography. Turing always felt uncomfortable around other men, because his old friend Christopher was the only one that filled his heart with love. Christopher befriended Alan when Alan was being pushed around by bullies, he believed in him. From a conflict perspective we can see how the british government during the time of…

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