The Image Of Che Guevara Essay

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A jolt of recognition is often the response to a t-shirt emblazoned with the bearded face and black beret. Forty-five years after the death of Ernest “Che” Guevara, his portrait is the most reproduced image in the history of photography. The photo, entitled “Guerillero Heroic” was first published in 1967 and exploded as a symbol of revolution (Ziff). This explosive fame was what followed the rumored circumstance of his death. Guevara was known to reportedly be the most glamorized and successful revolutionary to extend his legacy within his nation (Ziff). To this day, the Cuban government idolizes Guevara’s image, plastering his portrait amongst the youth of the country in forms of apparel, and collectables (Guevara). The modern generation’s obsession with the image of Che Guevara is in essence, a phenomenon of adolescent revolutionary romanticism, long since shedding its political, and ideological connotations. This man, known to many Cubans as a tyrant, and mass murderer has been likened to a global brand, leading the vast majority of the upcoming generation’s young and impressionable to misperceive the violent, immoral man known to many as the “hero.”
It is no question that Che Guevara is seen as one of the world’s most mnemonic symbols. The ultimate factor that determines what allows him to be seen as such a figure is what legacy this image continues to carry. It is quite obvious that his memory appears to function as a powerful mnemonic symbol and galvanizing force in…

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