The Ignorance Toward Autism Essay

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The Ignorance Towards Autism The average person tends to stare, or look away from a person with a disability. The average person is ignorant about the condition that every 1 in 88 people are diagnosed with, which is autism. The average person considers autism to be a disease that a person may “suffer” from, and tend to label these people as “unfixable.” Like the well known character Lennie, from the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, people cannot seem to understand the reason Lennie acts the way he does, and they tend to disregard his abilities to function correctly. The characters in Of Mice and Men, as well as some people in real life do not realize that having a disability does not automatically make someone useless, …show more content…
One woman, Louise Zandian, a 48 year old from Wolstanton, suffers from a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. In an interview Louise did for The Stoke Sentinel, she describes what it is like being an adult with autism, “The situation for adults with autism is awful. There is a lack of understanding. It is an invisible disability and employers and the public need to be better educated and trained to understand. ” Louise also adds that it is difficult for adults to be diagnosed because since most of the focus is on children with autism, there is not a team to evaluate adults for autism. Getting a diagnosis for autism is hard because some doctors may not think it necessary or relevant. While dealing with autism as a child is difficult, dealing with it as an adult can be extremely more difficult because they would have to constantly depend on someone else in order to live as close to a normal life as possible. It becomes difficult for help to be found, or even a cure because each person that struggles with autism has specific needs that need to be met.
In the Stoke Sentinel interview, it said that Louise was a chairman of Lifeworks Staffordshire, a charity that helps adults suffering from autism. With this charity, Louise has worked to bring more awareness and recognition to the problem saying that people with autism have specific talents or knowledge in a certain area, so they can be resourceful, but they just need the resources and

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