Essay about The Idiot Nation By Michael Moore

1728 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
Distracting Writing and Weak Evidence That Only Convinces an Idiot Nation In Michael Moore’s “Idiot Nation,” Moore talks about how the American public is stupid and why he thinks so. He talks about the state of the educational system, and examines the reasons for its deterioration. Moore implies that Americans are stupid because the educational system is in a bad state. The author puts most of the blame for deteriorating education on politicians, corporations, and public perception of teachers and education. Politicians get a lot of the blame from Moore for squandering money instead of providing needed funds to underfunded schools. Moore also ironically states that some politicians criticize education while also refusing to provide important funding to schools. According to Moore, poor public perception of schools and teachers also contribute to the issue, and as a result under-qualified teachers are often the ones who teach in under-funded schools. He also blames corporations for excessively advertising in schools and getting in the way of education. The corporations provide funding to schools, and in exchange the schools advertise to students, requiring the students to change what they do at school, according to Moore. Moore’s writing is ineffective because his overuse of humor to distract readers and his use of weak, selective evidence without citations make readers question the validity and reliability of his writing. The first writing strategy that Moore uses in his…

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