Dude Where's My Country Analysis

Dude, Where’s My Country? is a good book for people that dislike bush, and like talking about and learning about different things that happened while he was in office and if he was going to become president again for another term. Moore Talks about 9/11 and Bin laden throughout this book and his opinion on how is was basically done on purpose by Bush. He states different facts that can sort of prove what Moore is saying about Bush. Like how the Bush administration resisted the special commission from even investigating 9/11 from collecting any evidence. Something even more puzzling that happened just days after the attacks on the twin towers is that Bin Laden’s family was secretly moved to Texas then out of the United States. Bush and his father as Moore says have been friends with Bin Laden’s family for years. …show more content…
which is pretty clear. That Bush did not do a good job or even seemed like he cared about our country when handling September 11 terrorist attacks. Moore states plenty of things such as how Bush made those 28 pages disappear and how he even was with the prince of Saudi just two days after 9/11 happened. Bush’s family had been friends with the Bin Laden’s for years and Bush made it seem like that friendship was more important than keeping us safe here in the U.S or trying to find the real reason behind everything. He hid things from us when it came to the attacks. I know that Moore has written other books about things like this and it is pretty clear that he does not like Bush or his father and does not approve of anything he has done. Moore is not bias when it comes to this book. He wrote how he felt and his opinions about 9/11 and the aftermath of it and also things that happened before it. He does not exactly go against what other people say. He states facts of what has happened which proves how he feels and his opinions of Bush. While Moore says how he feels about this situation, he asks Bush a

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