The Ideas Of The Reformers Essay

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a. What were the central ideas of the reformers, and why were they appealing to different social groups?

During the early sixteenth-century, people from all across Europe began to have problems with the Catholic Church. Educated professors, common people, and even some religious officials were calling for a reform in the church. The people who led the reformation, known as the reformers had four different central ideas that were the basis of the reformation.

The first central ideas of the reformers was “How is a person to be saved”. The reformers encouraged the fact that people can become saved by their faith alone and by doing good deeds. The second central idea of the reformers was “Where does religious authority reside”. The reformers stated that religious authority resides in the Bible and in the teachings of the church. The third central idea of the reformers was “What is the church”. The reformers stated that the church was not in any person or place but was in the spirit of all those who believed in God. The fourth central idea of the reformers was “What is the highest form of Christian life”. The reformers taught that everyone could serve God at his or her own calling.

The four central ideas of the reformers were appealing to different social groups for different reasons. The first central idea, ‘How is a person to be saved’, appealed to educated people and humanists. It appealed to them because they believed in a personal religion based on one’s own faith and…

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