Essay about The Idea Of Hell Is Not An Ideal Life

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One of the fundamental purposes of the idea of sin is to establish the threat of an eternity spent in Hell. The goal of this scare tactic is to encourage people to live a morally sound life in order to earn a worthy afterlife. But the idea that a happy afterlife must be earned by living a good life while alive is not a new concept. This idea has existed in several religions before Christianity and it’s (meticulous/precise) and specific list of sins to avoid. People do not need the specific notion of sin to encourage living a worthy life for themselves and others. Sin emphasizes the impact that life has on the afterlife instead of the impact one’s actions has on others while they are alive.Fear of the idea of Hell is not an effective way to encourage morality in people. Fixation on the afterlife is not an ideal way to live, people should be more focused on being a good person while they are alive. The concept of Hell is seen as the ultimate punishment by those who are alive, for their criminal actions on Earth. However, there is no proof in Inferno that this idea of punishment in Hell reforms those who have sinned. Dante encounters a man he knew in life and finds that he has not changed his ways despite his punishment in Hell. “Arrogant in his vice/ Was that one when he lived. No goodness whatever/ Adorning his memory, his shade is furious./...And I said, ‘Master, truly I should like/ To see that spirit pickled in this swill,/ Before we’ve made our way across the…

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