Gender Identity And Gender

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There have been problems with the idea of gender identity for both men and women. The journey in this class has taught me different things about men in the modern world and also the impact on men themselves. Most of the gender identities have social constructed with ideas with a particular gender, either men or women. That is the problem that caused inequality between men and women; furthermore, amongst men as well.
Through out the course there have been discussions of what makes a man a man. There were different opinions or perspective of what a made man because it’s impossible to create a description or customs that only men are allowed to do. Kimmel states in his book, that there is man-box that consist the rules or customs of a man. Some
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It’s impossible to create a list that makes a man and that it characterize every man. When there are rules or requirements it causes tension between groups in which would lead to conflict. To support the men in this community is to be themselves, that is it. But that is hard to do because men and women have been taught to act some certain ways to be considered men or women. People in general, male or female, should be more open minded to others and not judge people on their appearance. Just how Martin Luther King Jr. said that people should be judged by the content of their character. With the creation of gender roles caused division between men and women because of the different responsibilities. With these roles placed on men and women, it leads to inequality between them. The best way to create as much equality as possible is to appreciate others for who they are. When we do criticize, its called sexist, racist, or anti-Semitic to a group of people that are being judged. By not judging people on their appearance, will reduce the hatred amongst groups in the community. The idea of masculinity is a vague term that has rules that is meant to be followed by all men. But each man is different and individually men have different ways of acting. By forcing roles to certain categorize leads to inequality amongst groups therefore causing hatred on other groups. One should focus on the system that was placed and in this case, patriarchy, that is causing the problem between men and women. By removing the system of patriarchy, men will be free to express themselves more often than before and for women won’t be oppressed as much. True equality can’t be achieved in the real world, but men and women can strive to help one another regardless of their gender, race, or

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