The I Step Test Scores Essay

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The I step test scores are in from the previous year, the scores are not good. According to the national average test scores our schools scores are very low. The school has gone from being an A+ school to being a B school and has been put into a failing school status, according to State Board of Education (SBE). The principle has received a letter from SBE stating the school has 2 years to get back on track to being an A+ school. If the school does not show an improvement in 2 years funding for the school will be cut. The principle has to come up with an educational plan to implement curriculum standards. Part of this plan is to work with a leadership team that consists of teachers, community leaders, principles of non-failing schools, and the super intendent of the school system. The teachers, and Superintendent part of the team will have the duty of finding the resources needed to accomplish a curriculum change. Along with looking at curriculum, school culture will be assessed. Without a strong culture the implementation of any plan will be sure to fail. Parents and community leaders will be asked to assess this. Teams of teachers will evaluate the curriculum that is being used now with what the standards are, looking for connections in the two curriculums for failing subjects ((Daggett, Jun, p.2). The principle will need to evaluate what the national standards are for the I step testing. An evaluation of the scores of current, and past students is important in finding…

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