The I Met When My Sister Essay

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I interviewed Fai Mo’unga who I met when my sister (Cathleena) introduced him to me in Utah. My sister Cathleena met Fai through my other sister Patria. Once Fai met my Sister Cathleena in Utah they started dating often and shortly after married. Fai is my brother in law and when I first met Fai I thought he was intimidating due to his size. He is 6’3 and can be compared to an NFL football player in size. As I got to know Fai my view of him changed. At first someone I thought looked mean turned out to be the nicest person I have ever met. I also learned a lot about Fai as I got to know his background. Fai grew up in Tonga and moved to Utah when he was 15 years old. I didn’t know much about Tonga but after talking with Fai I saw a big difference between how he group in Tonga and how I grew up in America. Below I have some insights into Fai and his life growing up in Tonga and how that shaped him as a person.
Fai started by sharing his daily living circumstances: “in Tonga life is very simple with only the basic necessities like food, water and shelter to get by with. If you want to eat you better learn how to fish pretty quickly and learn how to catch animals that are roaming around. After you master that technique you then have to learn to prepare the animals for eating. It’s not uncommon to catch a pig or a horse and eat it. Also gardening is big and you will find almost every family with a vegetable and fruit garden.” As Fai was describing this I thought how comfortable,…

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