The I Can 't Believe It ! Essay

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“I can’t believe it!” Trent said with genuine thrill, “You were the one that inspired me to come here.”

“I didn’t recognize you without your uniform on. Are you still wearing your pin?” he asked. Although Henry hadn’t been in the military for decades, he understood how different the world felt to a military man who was no longer in uniform.

“I took the pin off,” Trent said. “I was just tired of people commenting on it.”

“I understand,” Henry replied. “Do you mind if I dig into this? There’s nothing worse than a hungry old man,” he said with a laugh.

“Please do.”

Henry began to tackle his sandwich and made a grunt of approval.

“If this place wasn’t so damn strange, I’d retire here for the food alone.”

“You find this place strange?” Trent asked. He knew he could count on Henry to cut through all the bullshit.

“Beyond strange. I like the weather and restaurants and such. But something is funky about it all,” he said, taking another hungry bite. “I met this nice guy named Ed. He was a solid fellow. We golfed together for four days straight then, poof, he was gone!”

Trent’s interest was immediately peaked. He thought about the people from his little gang that just up and left as well.

“What do you think happened to him?” Trent asked.

“I don’t know. I think that maybe he just didn’t like it here.”

“I had some friends that left, too,” Trent explained.

“You don’t say?” Henry said, intrigued, “Maybe they’re killing people off.” He took another bite.


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