The Hunger Problem Of Children Essay examples

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When you see someone asking for food for their family or themselves, what do you do? Most people walk away, or ignore the situation. Others take the time to talk and give the hungry something to eat, so they don 't spend the day hungry. That is one less hungry person in the world. Thankfully, there are people who build food banks to feed the hungry families, and people.
Unfortunately, this hunger problem affected a married couple named, Josh and Gaby. They have three children named John, gavin and marietta. They were both living in a stable condition. Gaby said, “at first our lives were pretty stable.” But then as time passed Gaby lost her job and couldn 't find work. So Josh was taking responsibilities of all the bills, groceries, clothes, etc. The family stayed like that for a while, until Josh also lost his job, and everything went downhill.
“We had just moved into a new home, so the loss was especially tough.” said Gaby. Gaby found a low paying job, but it wasn 't enough to pay all the bills, and buy food. Gaby’s priority was to feed her children, but she didn 't want to live in the streets. Gaby, would pay the bills, but wouldn 't have any money left to buy groceries. Infact, sometimes there would be no money to pay the bills, so Gaby would have to make choices on whether to choose food, or buy stuff for her one-year old baby.
Thankfully,because of Feeding America, each week Gaby gets healthy food for her family. Sometimes, John’s school gives out food, and John…

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