The Human Trafficking Industry Is A Violation Of Human Rights

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B eaten, bruised and stripped of their freedom; the human trafficking industry is a complete violation of human rights.
Often referred to as modern day slavery, human trafficking is one of the greatest ethical challenges we face globally. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the human trafficking industry is one of the fastest growing activities for trans-national criminal organisations; an estimated $31.6 billion international trade. Trafficking of humans, in the simplest term, refers to the buying and selling of individuals, particularly vulnerable women and innocent minors for the purpose of exploitation.
A recent report by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed that an estimated 58 per cent of the human trafficking trade was for the purpose of sexual exploitation, highlighting how sex slavery alone is a multi-billion dollar industry. Often lured by deceitful recruiters who provide false promise and hope of a better life, many of these targeted victims originate from unstable environments and are in complete desperation for financial assistance. Devastatingly, it is generally the struggling families of these victims who sell and exploit their own for a pathetic sum of money.
One victim has stepped out of the darkness of her past and brought her suffering to light. Australian woman Katie Lang was only young when she fell victim to the vicious world of torment, rape and sexual slavery. Labelled as a ‘violent pimp rapist’,…

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