The Human Reproductive Cloning, And Therapeutic Cloning Essay

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The word cloning means the asexual production of genetically identical organisms or cell lines. Cloning is a broad and unclear term for the formation of two or more molecules, cells, or animals that are genetic copies of one another. They have divided cloning into two aspects, the human reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning. The former cloning, which is the asexual production of the identical fetus from a single cell. The second is cloning for scientific and therapeutic uses with no intention of producing genetically identical persons. Within reproductive cloning, the two methods have been used in the embryo splitting and somatic cell nuclear replacement. (Sweatman 2000).
The embryo splitting is the artificial division of a cell into two or more cells. Upon the required number of cell divisions, the embryo is implanted into a female animal and carried to term producing identical offspring. The method has been carried out for many years in laboratories, in farm animals and plants. Some of the researchers have suggested that with freezing techniques, an embryo could be split, bringing one cloning to term immediately and freezing the second until sometime in the future.
According to the article, the somatic cell nuclear replacement is the insertion of a nucleus from a somatic cell of an embryo, fetal, or adult cell into an unfertilized egg where the genetic material called nucleus has been removed. This method has been triggered the current cloning controversy as it…

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