Essay about The Human Race

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Yes, his skin color is darker than that of your own. Upon the sight of his being, he is evil and is the pioneer of the very uncleanliness that is in your thoughts to be associated with people of his kind. You hate him because your upbringing taught you to do so. He himself as a being is horrible, quite the pinnacle of the demise of the human race. He is not seen a human being as he is—to yourself—those descriptions, regardless of his contributions to the success of your own country. Mind that these thoughts and descriptions are true to the reader who is a production of a man and woman who have planted such thoughts into their offspring, and this message is to their kind. Let’s, for a moment—this moment of time in which your bodily functions are working together to create an image, a synthesis, a comprehension—assume that his skin color was of no matter to your thoughts—being the very thoughts that created this comprehension you are experiencing—of his character, and reject the nature of your upbringing.
I will make a prediction regarding the differences of your two perceptions: the first perception being that of your upbringing and the second rejecting it. As I do so, I do not mean to be hasty, judge-mental, irrational, void of thought, inhuman, or careless with the conditioning of my presumptions, perceptions, judgements, emotions, or anything out of my being that when written out on this page, with this ink, make my argument biased in any way that is comprehensible by…

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