The Human Of Gene Therapy Essay

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The Human Gene Therapy was introduced several decades ago; it is a procedure that is being created to cure individual patient suffering from any kind of genetic diseases, also consider as a logical and straightforward solution towards the genetic disorder in a human (Kolehmainen par. 1). For example, Gene Therapy shows how genetic component of cells gain therapeutic benefits by repairing the damaged or defective genetic material or DNA, in a living cell. Gene Therapy in human first takes place in cell from an organ or tissue other than germ cells, or from a patient’s bone marrow and it also doesn’t lead to the heritable changes. Before this technology was developed, many people have faced genetic inequalities in life (Ruggles par. 6). Even though gene therapy was designated for curing the human disease, it is still unacceptable by people, unaffordable by middle class citizens, and it contains a higher health risk. To begin with, as I noted above, the goal of the gene therapy is to fix the error in a living cell or DNA, but before repairing it, genes causing dysfunction in the individual must be determined (Ruggles par. 2). Human Gene Therapy has two types of gene, Somatic gene therapy and germinal gene therapy. Human gene therapy targeted to somatic (body), germ (egg and sperm) cells (What are the ethical.. par. 3). For instance, somatic cell gene therapy has great benefits for the some of the diseases that people have been suffered (Sade, Khushf 2). Lots of…

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