Essay about The Human Development Course

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During my time in the Human Development course, I studied and learned the stages of cognitive development at which a child develops and the different things that affect their development throughout their lifespan. This course helped me understand why different things affected people in certain ways and how you could tell they were affected by it. I learned that there is a large variety of evidence for the reasons in which children behave differently and the reasons why they act in those certain ways. In this class I was engaged in a community school in Midtown Jackson, a well-known low income community. The school I helped at was a charter school known as Midtown Public Charter School. The only difference in the charter school compared to a public school was that it still gets government payments but not to the level as a public school would, and it also has a board unlike most public schools. The school was free to any student. To attend, all a person had to do was apply and live in the Jackson Public School district. Midtown Public also was different from other schools in that it had longer school days and a longer school year. A normal day at school ranged from 7:30 until 4:30 not including the after school program. It consisted of middle schooled aged kids. The school was predominately African Americans from the community that were currently living in poverty. In this study, I focused on how the children acted during school hours, away from the difficulties…

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