The Human Community And Population Existence Essay

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Our human community and population existence depends solely upon healthy systems of plants, water, soil, and air around the world. The pollution and destruction of these natural systems has been studied since the sixties, and from this study the science of ecology and ecofeminism emerged. Ecofeminism concerns the male domination over women in the world and its connection to the destruction of the natural world. Nature and women both hold a very inferior position in the world, which, link them together. It is thought that women are more concerned with nature than men because of their simple but very complex role in life.
Although we live in a very male dominated world and society, nature has always been given a female identity. This female identity give to nature can turn out to be a very harmful link to both women and nature itself. Women are often seen as a servant to humans every need, nature is also viewed as an open resource to a humans every need, and is frequently destroyed and exploited by humans. We can see this through relevant issues we face today including This connection shows the linkage between the domination over women and nature. Not only does the male domination of the world hurt the nature, but it also effects and devastates those who live most closely with it, therefore this process of male world domination and the destruction of the environment is an on going process.
In the year 1970, ecofeminism was founded because of the increasing knowledge and…

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