The Human Brain Can Be One Of The Most Dangerous Tool Essay

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The human brain can be one of the most dangerous tool in the human race. The brain can be a useful and productive tool when used in the right way, such as building the knowledge of an individual to use in a specified field to contribute to society. On the flip side, the brain can be a detrimental tool to anyone who suffers a psychological problem, because the brain can continue to think about the negative aspects in life and continues to dig until the individual is so deep within his/her own mind that one cannot escape. David Hellerstein states, “Take depression as an example: common symptoms include mood changes (obviously) but also difficulty with cognitive functioning-trouble remembering things, difficulty making decisions, planning, setting priorities, and taking action.” When someone is fighting against them self, there is nowhere to retreat to, causing an individual to self-create an alternative reality that he/she will retreat to within his/her own mind to hide from such problem. In the case of Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill,” Miss Brill is wrong for seeking refuge from her loneliness in her self-created imaginary life, because it is not healthy. Miss Brill is wrong because her imaginary life is built solely around her depression. Campos states, “Individuals with dependent depression are preoccupied with interpersonal issues such as feelings of loneliness, neglect, and abandonment” (17). Miss Brill portrays to have most if not all of the interpersonal issues. In…

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