Essay on The Human And Animal Side

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The minotaur representing the human and animal side in each of us means that each of us has a good side and bad side. Perhaps you seen it in the new. A thought to be normal kid just a little quiet grows up to become a killer and a cannibal. The killer, cannibal side of him was the animal in him that showed itself. Not everyone shows their animal side. Most of us are pretty good at taming the beast inside. Perhaps that is what the minotaur had trouble with. When he was a baby it has been said that he was breast fed until his mother could not provide the nourishment to satisfy him. Then his animal side came out and he could no longer control himself. It was said that the minotaur became ferocious and monstrous. If he could not get the nourishment that he needed, then he was hungry. So perhaps he killed and ate the sacrifice’s to survive. Maybe he was not a beast just a hungry animal.
The minotaur was said to have a head of a bull and the body of a strong man. Which means he had a human heart. This could mean he felt emotion just like a human. So I would say it would not be too far fetched to think the human side of him could have emerged. The minotaur having a human heart could mean he could have fallen in love one day if he was not killed. Perhaps he did feel pain and sorrow for having to eat people but it was the only food he could get. So know matter how he felt about the situation, he had to eat to survive. The minotaur being in his own personal hell that he could not…

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