The House Of Alba By Carlos Alvarez De Toledo Essay

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The House of Alba is one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Europe with ties to the Spanish monarchy. The Alba heritage is one the family has worked to preserve for over 500 years. Normally in order to see pieces from the Alba collection, one would need to visit one of the families’ palaces around the world. Therefore, it was such a privilege to observe more than 130 works of art created by a handful of master artists throughout Europe. Impeccable pieces from the Antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque and even the Twenty-First century were on display. The works presented are compelling enough to stand alone, but together, the Alba collection offers an insight into the role the family had on world history. Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, the third duke, was an incredibly significant figure in the House of Alba. During the mid-16th century, the celebrated general was involved in almost all important military campaigns that occurred in Europe. The Grand Duke was painted by the Netherlandish artist named Anthonis Mor who depicts the duke suited in a ceremonial armor. The suit of armor is similar to the one made for King Philip II of Spain. On account of the grand duke being allowed to wear the armor nearly identical to the king, this portrait reveals the king 's esteem for one of his most trusted advisors.
Key characteristics of a Renaissance painting are displayed through Mor’s meticulous attention to detail and rich use of color. The red sash and baton of command declare…

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