Essay on The Homicide Of Sunrise, Florida

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Homicide in Sunrise, Florida Thirty-one year old Maria Nemeth was living with her 24 year old boyfriend, Fidel Lopez. On Sunday, September 20th, 2015 at 4:02 p.m. Maria Nemeth, was pronounced dead by Sunrise Fire Rescue (Roustan, 2015). It was her boyfriend Lopez, who called the police, telling operators “his girlfriend (Maria Nemeth) was having trouble breathing and was going to die” (Roustan, 2015, p. 1). Later in police questioning, Lopez recounts the gruesome events of the night before. After drinking half a bottle of 1800 tequila, Fidel and Nemeth had sex (Roustan, 2015). While having sex in a closet, Nemeth twice calls out her ex-husbands name. Immediately Lopez leaves Nemeth in the closet and goes throughout the apartment breaking things. This explains how investigators found a smashed sliding glass door and punched holes in the walls (Roustan, 2015). Soon after, Lopez goes back to Nemeth who lies in the closet unconscious. While she is unconscious, Nemeth begins to violate her body. Roustan (2015) describes the appalling details of what Lopez does to Nemeth, which include: inserting a beer bottle, flat iron (for hair), and both of his fists inside her rectum; twice inserting his arm, up to his elbow, in her rectum; and ripping out part of her intestines. After, Lopez carries Nemeth to the bathroom where he tries to splash water on her face. When she does not wake up, Lopez cleans himself up and goes to their back porch to have a smoke. As fear and panic begin to…

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