The Homeschool Option Essay

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The Homeschool Option
In today’s society, there are many ways for children to obtain an education. One option that is often overlooked is homeschooling. Homeschooling is not for everyone; however, homeschooling is a great alternative to a traditional education. Some children do not learn well in a class room setting and need a more tailored experience. Some have learning styles that cannot be easily accommodated in a public school setting, and still others are simply limited by the structure of public school and would be able to excel further in a homeschool setting. Therefore, parents of children with non-traditional learning styles should homeschool their child, instead of sending him or her to public school, because homeschooling allows for more teaching flexibility, it encourages the student to learn beyond what a test requires, and it has many benefits that carry into college.
One reason parents should homeschool is, standardized testing and curriculum puts emphasis on learning material simply to pass a test and does not encourage learning for the advancement of knowledge. Author E. W. Ross states, “Tests drive curriculum and instruction in ways that harm children. Time spent on test preparation and administration cuts into time for teaching and learning; and children internalize judgments as if tests were the final arbiter of one 's potential or worth” (qtd. in McBee 241). This statement shows the harm that standardized testing can do. Because some students with…

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