The Holocaust Was An Appalling Event Essay

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The Holocaust, which was also known as the ‘Ha-Shoah’, that is the Hebrew word for ‘catastrophe’. The Holocaust was the genocide ran by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime in which killed six million Jews during World War 2. The word ‘Holocaust’ originated from the Greek words “Holo” meaning whole and “Kaustos” meaning burned (The Holocaust). The Holocaust began in 1941 and lasted until 1945 during the time of World War 2 and originated in Germany, which then spread across Europe. The Holocaust is one of the 20th century’s greatest and most deadly tragedies that were made with outright fear in known history. The holocaust was an appalling event that occurred in history controlled by the state, where innocent people became victims due to their race. The Holocaust was genocide, meaning it was a planned killing of a whole race of people (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Jews were the most commonly known ethnicity that were targeted, but that wasn’t all. Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the disabled were also victims of the Holocaust and the torture that killed about 6 million victims. This traumatic incident divided the victims lives into three stages, before, during and after the holocaust. After the defeat of World War 1, Germany was embarrassed by the Treaty of Versailles, causing the country to reduce their armed forces and demand acknowledgement from other countries. In January of 1933, Adolf Hitler became the leader of the “National Socialist German Workers”,…

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