The Holocaust: The Main Causes Of The Holocaust

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When one looks back through the history of the last century, many great atrocities come to mind. However, the one that is the most common is the Holocaust. The Holocaust can be called one of the greatest tragedies of the human civilization. One may ask themselves who could be responsible for eleven million deaths, 3 million of them being children under the age of fourteen. Also, the resulting of the survivors, around 2 million people, being dehumanized still to this day. The answer to this question would not be just one person. There are many people who are responsible for the Holocaust, but the main cause of this disastrous madness was Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, who persuaded top SS officers to exterminate Jews while the residents …show more content…
The Nazis made desperate attempts to destroy all evidence of what had been done in the concentration camps and then marched the living prisoners, leaving some behind, west toward Germany (Lawton, 2002, 35). In 1945 many camps were liberated. When the camps were liberated the armies found handfuls of half-alive prisoners, but otherwise it was nothing but a deserted camps with piles of bodies that the Nazis had not had time to bury or burn (Lawton, 2002, 36). Even after liberation most Jewish survivors could not return home because their non-Jewish neighbors had stood by the Nazis. Many of the Jews were left unwanted, homeless, scattered, ill, and poor (Lawton, 2002, 38).
Adolf Hitler
Many believe that Adolf Hitler was the main person responsible for the Holocaust due to him being an anti-Semitic, the belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish, wanting an Aryan race, the race in which everyone has blonde hair and blue eyes, and his high rank of power in Germany. In 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany which is when the Holocaust destruction plans began to be made. Not long after Jews began to be placed into the ghettos. In 1938 the "Final Solution", Hitler 's plan to exterminate all Jews, took its first step of the process.
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However, Hitler agreed with Anton’s German nationalism and anti-Semitism. He then gave a speech about the injustices faced by Germany which resulted in the Treaty of Versailles. People began to join the party just to hear Hitler 's speeches. He quickly rose up the ranks and, by 1921, was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI). By 1923, the Nazi’s had 56,000 members and many more supporters.
By 1930, the Nazis were polling around 6.5 million votes. In the presidential elections of 1932 Hitler came second to Hindenburg. Although, on January 30, 1933 President Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as Chancellor because of his popular support. In office, Hitler set about consolidating his power by appointing Nazis to government and gaining control of emergency powers. He eliminated all opposition in emergency control and with the death of Hindenburg in 1934, Hitler’s power was secured (“Adolf

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