Essay on The Holocaust : The Horrors Of The 20th Centaury

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The Holocaust is one of the biggest atrocities of the 20th centaury. Trying to imagine and understand the horrors that the victims and survivors felt its simply impossible. Although we may truly never understand the experiences of those whom were affected by the holocaust, survivors and historians have created journals, diaries, books etc. in order for those who are outsiders to try and understand the horrors of the Holocaust. There are many reasons why witnesses who survived the Holocaust chose to share their stories; one of their main goals is to make sure their suffering dose not get silenced. As Jankiel Wiernik stated in his journal, “Dear Reader: It is for your sake that I continue to hang on” (Wiernik 18). Survivors aim to make sure that people understand their pain and never forget such a tragic event in history. Historians on the other hand assist in providing a bigger picture for their audience rather than just focus on one point of view or a specific event. The way that the work of historians differs from the work of the survivors is that the work of survivors provides a more human and personal view of the events rather than simply giving the facts of events. This essay will take a look at various writings from both survivors and historians and examine how they differ from each other but at the same time complement each other. Learning the history of the Holocaust is much different than reading the experiences of those who went through it. Historian’s tech us that…

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