The Holocaust Happened

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How do we know the Holocaust happened?
The Holocaust was a ‘solution’ created by the Nazis to “solve their Jewish problem” Survivors say it started on January 30th 1933 and finished May 8th 1945, when the Nazis were defeated by allied forces. Holocaust deniers usually ignore all the evidence of the event and insist that the numbers and story were invented by the Jews and the Allies for their own benefit. Also, in this essay when I refer to “Jews” or “Jewish people” I am usually meaning Jewish people and every other group of people discriminated during the Holocaust.
As hard as it is to prove the Holocaust and the mass murder of Jews actually happened, it is easy to prove that the Nazis did not like Jews and did not respect their religion. Laws were passed, starting in 1933,
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In 1933, the Nazis launched their first nationwide, planned action against Jews. On April 1st, all Jewish businesses had a Star of David painted upon them, and soldiers stood outside telling customers to leave. Signs were posted saying “Don’t Buy from Jews” and “The Jews Are Our Misfortune”, intending to boycott every Jewish business. When journalists appeared on the streets, Nazis assumed they were all either Jewish or sympathetic to Jews, and labelled the bad publicity as "atrocity propaganda" spread by "international Jewry." A Nazi spokesperson called the attack “revenge” against German Jews and against foreigners, including all English or American journalists. Even though the attempt wasn’t very successful, it was the start of the campaign against Jews in Germany. A week later, a law was passed which stated only people of the “Aryan” race could work in civil service jobs,

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